Friday Tex-Mex

Tex-Mex Tortilla

Tex-Mex Tortilla

Friday Tex-Mex: We all love Fridays, it is definitely the best day of the week. At the end of the working week, on Friday evenings we like to treat ourselves with something nice. Quite often it is tex-mex food as everyone in the family loves it and it is quite simple quick to prepare.

I never make this meal according to a recipe. Therefore it will not be in a recipe format here either. We always just use tortilla bread and wrap them with the filling we fancy, or have at the time. I prefer a vegetarian tortilla and make two fillings. One with minced meat for the rest of the family and one with lentils for myself. Beans or lentils, or minced meat rest of the ingredients are the same.

For the filling you need:

Minced meat or canned lentils/beans (whatever you prefer)
Half a packet of taco spice mix
Little water
Tex-mex salsa (the type you prefer)

Brown the meat, or heat up lentils/beans. Add the taco spice mix and water, and mix. Add such an amount of salsa you like. I often use half a jar, or one small jar.

A list of other accessories you may like to have:

Guacamole (see recipe below)
Sour cream
Corn (we prefer canned for this purpose)
Fresh mushroom

For home-made Guacamole you need:

Ripe avocados
Onion (finely chopped)
Tomatoes (finely chopped)
Lemon juice
Ground cumin
Chili powder

Mix everything in a blender into a smooth mixture. If you want a chunkier guacamole, do not use a mixer. Use a fork instead to crush the avocados, and just add and mix the other ingredients. We like our guacamole smooth.

Heat up the tortilla bread, add your preferred filling and accessories. Enjoy your Friday evening!

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