Marmite and Cheese loaf recipe

place in oven and bake

Marmite and Cheese Loaf

While on Facebook we discovered photos of Dave Thom’s Marmite and Cheese loaf. It was so different and interesting, we decided to get the recipe from him and share it with you.

Instructions for Dave Thom’s Marmite and Cheese loaf

500g strong white flour
about 320ml water
1/2tsp honey
2tsp of easy bake yeast
5ml olive oil
grated cheese

mix all ingredients apart from the cheese and Marmite into dough, and knead for 5 to 10 mins
leave to rest for about 30mins
knead again then stretch out flat and wide, smear length with Marmite (according to taste) and sprinkle with cheese.
roll up, and then roll out and fold back to size of your tin a few times to ensure cheese is mixed in.
place in tin cover with poly bag put in warm place until doubled in size, cook for about 20mins in hot oven
tip out onto cooling tray. Best enjoyed while still warm.

Eat and enjoy

Recipe by Dave Thom


  1. Arrgh, dont forget 2tsp of easy bake yeast

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