Sun-dried tomato and olive bread

Sun-­‐-dried tomato and olive bread

Another of Dave Thom’s fabulous Bread / Loaf Recipes which the grand Scotsman of Accies support fame has made available to us. Simple and majestic

Sun-dried tomato and Olive Bread Recipe


for the dough
500g strong white flour
2tsp quick bread yeast
1tsp honey
1tsp salt
2tbsp olive oil
to add
8 sundried tomatoes
10 pitted black olives
10 pitted green olives (all drained)

Sun-dried tomato and olive bread dough

Mix the flour, yeast,salt, honey and oil with around 320ml of lukewarm water, and knead for 5mins or so, then set aside in a covered bowl for 30mins.

Half the olives and chop the tomatoes, get the dough from the bowl, knock back and flatten out then dump the olives and tomatoes on top.

This is where it gets really messy!

Knead the olives and tomatoes into the bread, it’ll take a few minutes to persuade the dough to accept the other ingredients, but persevere, and retrieve the bits from the worktop and work in. Eventually you’ll end up with something that looks like this

Sun-dried tomato and olive bread dough rolled

Shape and pop into a greased loaf tin, cover and leave for about an hour or until it has doubled in size. Place in preheated hot oven (Gas 8) for 30mins

Recipe by Dave Thom

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