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British Rapeseed - The Honest Oil
Want reassurance that your cooking oil does exactly what it says on the label? Amid recent concerns that counterfeited Italian olive oil is finding its way on to British supermarket shelves, with false labelling and adulterated bottles, British rapeseed oil is emerging as the increasingly attractive, healthy - and honest option.

Somerset Farmer Andy Fussell of Fussels Fine Foods comments: "Our Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is freshly pressed in small batches each season and you can rest assured that our labels are completely honest and that nothing at all is added to the oil. All the goodness of my oil is preserved by cold pressing the rapeseed just once to produce a fresh, golden oil with a gentle nutty taste."

Naturally loaded with golden goodness, rapeseed has natural health-giving properties. It is low in saturated fat, and high in Omega 3, making it an excellent choice for anyone trying to reduce their cholesterol levels. It is also a great source of the powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin E. Compared with olive oil, rapeseed oil has half the amount of saturated fats and has higher levels of mono-unsaturates and Omega's 3, 6 and 9. Unlike many other oils, including olive oil, its health benefits are retained even at high temperatures (240oC smoke point) so it's especially good for cooking, marinating, baking, frying and roasting.

Andy is involved with each stage of producing his Rapeseed Oil - from growing and nurturing the crops, to harvesting, drying and storing the seeds, freshly cold-pressing them and then finally bottling the oil. Everything is grown and pressed on his family's farm in Rode, Somerset, which is part of Natural England's Environmental Stewardship Scheme. This ensures that Andy's Rapeseed Oil is always of a premium quality and has traceability from crop to drop.

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