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A Change to The British Breakfast Rulebook
A NEW 100% naturally butter flavoured olive oil is threatening to churn up the British breakfast table.

British butter lovers regularly turn their backs on the 'healthy eating rulebook' to indulge in a daily dairy treat with their breakfast.

But a revolutionary new product now offers all the creamy taste of butter with a fraction of the saturated fat and all the health-boosting goodness of real extra virgin olive oil.

Spanish food technologists have developed new Isabelina Gold extra virgin olive oil - the world's first 100% natural fusion olive oil made with the flavour molecules of real butter.

This creamy butter tasting treat can be drizzled on toast or added to scrambled eggs to persuade hungry Brits to leave the fat-laden butter in the fridge.

Nuria Villarrubia-Mendoza product co-ordinator with Isabelina said: "The Mediterranean diet is now widely accepted as being a healthy one which leads to lower cholesterol, higher anti-oxidant levels and an improved immune system.

"Butter is a very British love affair - but the majority of Mediterraneans turn their backs on butter, which contains more than 50% saturated fat, choosing instead to drizzle olive oil on their bread and toast.

"To make this lifestyle choice easier, we have developed this exciting and healthy new product that tastes just like melted butter but with a fraction of the saturated fat, so people in Britain can make a healthy-eating choice without sacrificing the flavour they love.

"The flavour molecules are identified and removed through a highly technical process called supercritical extraction instead of using buttermilk, plant extract or chemical flavourings that some other butter flavoured products can use.

"As well as being a tasty breakfast treat, Isabelina Gold can also be used in place of butter for a wide range of dishes from adding to your cooked vegetables and pasta prior to serving, stirred through creamy mashed potato and on baked potatoes to coating your corn on the cob and even cooking cakes."

There is much evidence that quality extra virgin olive oil can have wide ranging health benefits which include cutting cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of heart disease, helping to fight dementia and boosting anti oxidant levels to help reduce the risk of cancer.

The US Food and Drug Administration, the government's consumer protection agency which monitors foods and medicines, even recommend consuming two tablespoons of olive oil a day.

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