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Teddington Cheese Adds 24 New Cheeses
Teddington Cheese Adds 24 New Cheeses To Its Range
Leading cheese retailer Teddington Cheese has added 24 new cheeses to its extensive online range. The products are the favourites from a broader range of cheeses that have been tried and tested in Teddington Cheese's two retail outlets (in Teddington and Richmond upon Thames). Only those proving the most popular made it to the online shop.

Eight cow's milk, 12 goat, and four ewe's milk cheeses make up the new range, plus one which has a mixture of all three milks. They comprise 13 British, one Dutch, one Swiss and nine French. "I am constantly on the search for new varieties of cheese, and also opportunities to find better varieties of those we already stock." Says Teddington Cheese owner, Tony Chuck,

"The enormous variety of British cheeses - with new ones becoming available on a regular basis nowadays - means that we are in a position to stock a wide range of cheeses sourced from the UK. That said, there are still many other great cheeses from continental Europe, and we pride ourselves on seeking out the very finest producers of these. "

One interesting example is Capria, a brand new soft English goat's cheese from one of Teddington Cheese's regular suppliers, Lightwood Cheese in Worcestershire. "This has already built a loyal fan club in the retail shops." says Chuck .

Another is Saveur du Maquis, from a diary called Pierucci in Corsica. This ewe's milk cheese has a delicate flavour, with a covering of rosemary.
Finally, Cabro D'or is a sticky orange rind goat's cheese, from Pays D'Urfe in France, this goats milk cheese It is delicate in flavour when young but becomes quite pungent when mature. 200g.

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