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Bryan Webb shares the secrets of successfully cooking seafood
Bryan Webb, chef/patron at the Michelin rated Tyddyn Llan in Denbighshire, will be sharing the secrets of cooking seafood at the Aberaeron Food Festival on July 4.

The festival has become a popular feature in the picturesque seaside resort’s calendar, and is aimed at celebrating the superb fruits of the sea yielded by the clear coastal waters of West Wales.

“I have noticed a big increase in interest in seafood at Tyddyn Llan, since I gained the Michelin star,” says Bryan. “I think people believe that it takes outstanding skill to cook fish and want to see it carried out by an expert.”

“However, I'd like to help demystify the process. There’s no reason why you can’t have a great fish dinner at home. The trick is to make sure that your fish is very fresh, as the quality of the raw ingredients is paramount. Don’t overcook the seafood or you’ll wreck the flavour, and don’t smother it in an overpowering sauce, as that will prevent the delicate flavour of the fish from coming through.”

One of Bryan’s signature dishes is griddled scallops with vegetable relish and rocket.

“I only used hand-dived scallops at Tyddyn Llan, as their flavour is outstanding. The trick with this dish is to sear the scallops over a very high heat so that the flavour is locked in,” he explains.

“This is one of my favourite dishes, not only do I serve it up in the restaurant, I eat it at home, and often cook it when Susan and I have friends around for a meal.”

Bryan Webb will be appearing at the Aberaeron Food Festival on Sunday, July 4.

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