National Curry Week

National Curry Week

11th Curry Capital of Britain is part of 16th National Curry Week (7-14th October) which exists to promote the cuisine and the importance of our ethnic communities whilst raising much needed funds for the poor and malnourished.

This annual event whose lead supporter will be Patak’s for the third consecutive year, has something for all Britain’s 27 million curry fans whether dining in or out, in a restaurant, pub, club or home.

The Curry Capital of Britain 2013 will have two new cities competing for the coveted title with Brighton and Oxford joining the fray

Cities invited to compete for 2013 by the organisers are :London East ; London North ; London South ; London West ; London Central ; Birmingham ; Leicester ; Cardiff ; Bradford ; Manchester ; Sheffield ; Newcastle ; Edinburgh ; Glasgow ; Liverpool ; Leeds ; Wolverhampton ; Nottingham ; Northampton ; Brighton ; Oxford.

Last year over a quarter of a million curry fans voted for their favourite restaurants and city and the response is expected to be even greater with the active support of lead event sponsors The event is unique as it involves first the public, who vote via, their local council website or the restaurants themselves. Once a team of restaurants have been voted to represent each city they move on to the city voting stage whilst the judges prepare their reports on the restaurants and the council or marketing body make a submission as to why their city should win.

The event introduces an element of excitement and pride to restaurants and curry fans alike and the competition between cities is sometimes intense. Last year Bradford won narrowly for a second year from four times winner Glasgow but early voting suggests there may be some dark horses this year.

“I hope the media, councils and restaurants, indeed any body that has direct contact with the curry eating public encourages them to vote and make this year’s event even more exciting,” said Peter Grove who organises the annual event on behalf of The Federation of Specialist Restaurants.