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Paris Fresh Produce Market Opens To Public

World’s Largest Fresh Produce Market Opens To Public In Paris

Paris Fresh Produce Market

Paris Fresh Produce Market

Fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and flowers are delivered on a daily basis by over 26,000 vehicles to the market site at Rungis which is spread over 232 hectares.

The market provides over half the fresh seafood consumed in the French capital, 45% of Paris’ fruit and vegetables, 35% of its meat and 50% of the flowers that adorn Parisian homes and businesses. Usually closed to the public, tourists now have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the market on the second Friday of each month. Strictly for morning people, the pickup from Paris is at 5am! The visit ends at 8.30am with a traditional market breakfast.


  1. I am a orange agricultor, I will like to sell oranges direct from the camp to the shop. Do you know some shop in this market how will be interest on this?

    Thanks for you time,


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