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The Golden Years - Hillfarm Oil
It's easy to forget that premium cold-pressed rapeseed oil has been around for less than 10 years, but this May marks the 10th anniversary of Hillfarm, the first farm in the UK to put their golden cold-pressed oil on supermarket shelves.

In 2004 husband and wife team Sam and Clare Fairs started to explore the possibility of producing a culinary oil from their rapeseed crop on their family farm in Suffolk. The result was an oil that was not only healthier than olive oil, but was so delicious that it has led Sam and Clare on a ten year journey, which has seen them achieve nationwide distribution for Hillfarm Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil in several leading supermarket chains.

Hillfarm was the first cold-pressed rapeseed oil to market in the UK. Clare recalls, "Every bottle was hand-filled and sealed. We used to sit up late at night sticking on the labels ready to go out to local farmers' markets and events!"

Hillfarm remains very much a family business, growing, pressing and bottling on site to produce a fully traceable, sustainable, single estate and non-GM culinary oil. They select seed varieties for their superior nutrition and flavour, and they are clearly getting it right because Hillfarm's delicious buttery flavour, its golden colour and its versatility have made it the choice of top chefs from Mark Hix to Suffolk artisan bakers.

As well as more traditional uses like roasting, frying, or dressings, Hillfarm Rapeseed Oil is ideal for baking. From Ciabatta to choc-chip muffins, and brownies to blackberry and apple cake, it's a great way to make savoury and sweet treats that are lower in saturated fat but still taste divine.

Demand for Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil has been increasing year on year as people have become hooked on its great flavour, versatility and nutritional benefits. And with their oil being stocked in supermarkets nationwide, Hillfarm is no longer a small producer, but they have remained true to the high quality of the original product. This year they will produce over 140 times more oil than in their first, requiring rapeseed covering an area the size of around 600 football pitches.

To celebrate this special anniversary, Hillfarm Oil will be on promotion in Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury's nationwide during May.

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