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Brown Cow Yoghurt Wins Gold Star
Brown Cow Organics have won another Gold Award at this year's Great Taste Award, this year for their Dark Cherry Live Organic yoghurt. Their dark cherry flavour was introduced into the 155g individual pot size range earlier this year and is now available in a 500g pot too.

Brown Cow Organics live organic yoghurt is hand produced by a small dedicated team of local people on their family run organic farm south of the Mendip hills in Somerset. Their yoghurt is made only from the naturally creamy, 5% fat, organic, A2 alpha beta- casein protein milk from their Guernsey cow herd. Their Guernsey cows have a relaxed happy lifestyle with a healthy diet, grazing spring to autumn only the nutritious grass that grows on their organic pastures. In the winter the cows are kept in a warm environment where they munch away on silage from the organic farm acres May & July harvested organic crops.

Brown Cow Organics live organic yoghurts are produced from their Guernsey herd pastuerised (but never homogenised) whole milk, with cultures added in small batches prior to hand ladling into recyclable, re-usable pots with tamper-evident lids; in keeping with their packaging ethos.

Their live organic yoghurt has been independently tested and in comparison with other leading brands of yoghurt it is much higher in Omega 3s and other trace elements - it is also gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and organic certified by the Soil Association.

Brown Cow Organics yoghurts are available via independent retailers, delicatessens', farm shops and online stockists. . Brown Cow Organics also attend Somerset Farmers markets in Wells every Wednesday, Midsomer Norton on the first Saturday of every month and Frome on the second Saturday of every month. Their online stockist Abel and Cole are introducing the new 500g size and launching it with a 10% off offer in October 2013.

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