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Celebrating 350 years of service
Staff at Vin Sullivan Foods in Blaenavon are celebrating a combined service of 350 years with the company. Record holder is office manager, Jackie Hobby, who has been with the company for 30 years. “Our staff clearly enjoy working here as they stay with us through thick and thin,” says MD JohnÂ* Sullivan. “We have been trading for more than 50 years, and Jackie has been with us for 30 of those years, so she knows the business inside out.” Vin Sullivan Foods is a family-run business, and has built up a fine reputation for outstanding customer service. The company is also a pioneer in the introduction of new and exotic food, and has been a market leader in importing exciting produce from overseas. In 1969, the company imported the first cooked meats from Poland; and in 1975 brought the first maize-fed chickens from France, while in 1989 the first ostrich arrived from South Africa and in 1990, crocodile from Australia. Celebrating 350 years of service is a post from: Food-e-Matters UKCelebrating 350 years of service is a post from: Food-e-Matters UK

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