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The UK'S First Natural Wine Fair
LONDON: Announcing the Natural Wine Fair at Borough Market on Sunday 15th May 2011.

Isabelle Legeron MW, TV presenter and France's first ever female Master of Wine, has brought together dozens of wine producers for the UK's first ever Natural Wine Fair at Borough Market.

The fair is a UK first: a wine show dedicated to natural wine, which will take place as the highlight of Natural Wine Fortnight from 9th-22nd May 2011. Natural wines are organic or biodynamic wines made with minimal intervention in the winery - i.e. without the use of chemicals or additives. Isabelle, a classically trained nose and palate, is making a stand for them and what they represent.

"Believe it or not, most wines are mass-produced and chemically manipulated to give a safe, predictable result. Natural wines are not that. They are created by dedicated producers who are committed to traditional, sustainable winemaking. They are wines that are a true representation of where they are from, rather than being a plastified version that has had a lot of nipping and tucking".

"In France and Italy, there is a big natural wine movement so I am determined to get people to know about it over here and hopefully get people to think about what they drink in the same way they think about food" says Isabelle.

Awareness and sales of natural wine are growing and it's the ideal time to launch Natural Wine Week, which will take place all over the capital at the fair and in restaurants. The wine fair will bring together producers from all over Europe and a small selection from the New World. Entry to the fair will be £18, which will include a tasting glass, catalogue and the opportunity to sample wines and meet over 100 producers.

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