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Terre di San Vito - premium olive oil brand
Terre di San Vito is the new premium olive oil brand hitting the shelves of Waitrose, a natural extra virgin olive oil hailing from the small town 'San Vito' that sits in the heart of the Puglia region of Southern Italy; the name literally translates 'Earth of San Vito'.

Blended from 6 different types of olive this latest UK import is produced by hand; each olive is hand-picked, not one olive is selected from the ground, and they are hand-pressed, filtered only once, and then bottled, all within 24 hours from start to finish; This yields a truly natural taste with only a very limited harvest every year, now available for the first time in the UK through Waitrose.

Despite being centred firmly at the heart Italian food culture, the olive actually originated from Greece and made its way to Italian shores at a later time, finding particularly fertile ground in Puglia. Having been growing there for thousands of years, these olives now account for over 70% of the olives used for all of the olive oil made in Italy.

Puglia is one of the most historical regions in Italy with a local diet renowned for its fresh fish, seafood, vegetables, fresh cheeses and of course its' very own pasta - Orichietti. It is well known as one of the healthiest diets in Italy and the world.

The ancient olive trees of Puglia are one of the major sources of prime extra virgin olive oil and its high nutritional value is enhanced by the presence of vitamins E, A, K and D which carry both antioxidant and cell-protection properties.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that constant use of extra virgin olive oil lowers bad cholesterol whilst boosting good cholesterol levels, and extra virgin olive oil as a regular part of our diet helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis.

Terre di San Vito's extra virgin olive oil pays homage to the Puglia region by providing so much natural benefit with a natural flavour that is truly unique.

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