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BlenderMix Attachment From Magimix
Magimix is introducing exciting developments and improvements to its range of Food Processors. Building on its phenomenal success since the launch of the first Magimix food processor in 1971, Magimix is now bringing all the latest technological research and development together in a new attachment that is set to take the kitchen by storm.

A team of design and technical specialists have been working with painstaking care to ensure that this new addition offers even more in terms of efficiency, ease of use and reliability. When combined with the sleek and stylish design lines that are synonymous with Magimix, the result is a food processor fully equipped to meet the challenges and demands of the style and function conscious 21st century kitchen.

The all new BlenderMix attachment changes the direction of the liquid from a centrifugal to a vortex motion. During this process it finely blends the ingredients so soups will never be lumpy again, smoothies will be ultra smooth and even the family favourite milkshake comes out lump free!

With the BlenderMix attachment you get all the advantages of a blender as well as all the functions of a processor. The BlenderMix attachment will be included as standard on all new Magimix machines.

The Magimix range of processors all have as standard; efficient control panels, a quiet but powerful commercial grade induction motor, enhanced whisking, discs for slicing and shredding, stronger bowls and lids and now the BlenderMix attachment. These are just some of the range of improvements set to make life even easier for professional and home cooks alike.

Magimix Food Processors have long been regarded as the industry's gold standard with cooks everywhere enjoying efficient and reliable products since 1971. It is testament to the enduring nature of the product that you can still buy spare parts for this first machine today and that is why Magimix is confident that these new machines truly are the food processors of the future.

New Range price list

3200 Compact White with BlenderMix: £179.99
3200 Compact Chrome with BlenderMix: £199.99
3200 Compact Satin steel with BlenderMix: £199.99
3200XL Compact Satin with BlenderMix: £219.99
4200 Systeme White with BlenderMix: £199.99
4200 Systeme Cream with BlenderMix: £199.99
4200 Systeme Chrome with BlenderMix: £219.99
4200 Systeme Satin with BlenderMix: £229.99
4200XL Systeme Satin with BlenderMix: £249.99
4200XL Systeme Deep Red with BlenderMix: £229.99
4200XL Systeme Cream with BlenderMix: £229.99
5200 Systeme White with BlenderMix: £249.99
5200 Systeme Chrome with BlenderMix: £269.99
5200 Systeme Satin with BlenderMix: £299.99
5200 XL Systeme Satin with BlenderMiX: £299.99

The XL version (extra large) comes with a wide feed tube for slicing or shredding larger fruits and vegetables.
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