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Winter Season Of Dumplings And Stuffings
With winter menus and festive catering on the immediate horizon and customer demand soon turning to hearty meals and comfort food, Glendale Foods is drawing the trade's attention to its mouthwatering selection of dumplings, cobblers and stuffing varieties, all pre-cooked, quick frozen and ready to reheat and serve. Part of its comprehensive Food Components service to caterers and ready meal manufacturers, the company can supply steamed and baked dumplings, sweet and savoury cobblers and speciality stuffings, in a choice of formats and sizes between 15g and 100g to suit customer requirements. These complement a range of meat-based components that includes cooked sausages and burgers, grillsteaks, meatballs and marinated meats.

Dumplings and stuffing are the staples of many world cuisines, enhancing the flavour profiles of countless dishes and improving the visual appeal of plated meals. Dumplings are ideal for partnering a rich beef or lamb stew, absorbing the juices and aromas, or for serving in a winter soup, adding substance and flavour. Baked cobblers can top off a fruit filling, adding flavour and texture, or provide the finishing touch to a heartwarming braised meat dish. Stuffing is even more versatile, filling the cavity of a roast bird, providing the succulent centre of a boned and rolled meat cut, sliced as an accompaniment to the traditional roast dinner or served in nuggets as a side dish.

Glendale is able to extrude dumplings in many different sizes, in low fat or low salt varieties if specified, and flavoured with herbs, cheese, bacon or other ingredients. For vegetarian menus, there are also vegetable-based alternatives to shredded beef suet.

Pre-cooked cobbler toppings are available in sweet and savoury recipes, which reheat from frozen to an appetising crispy, baked finish. Added to any suitable fruit or meat-based filling in an ovenproof ramekin, they make for appetising additions to a winter menu and eyecatching alternatives to simple compotes or stews.

Speciality stuffings can be produced in a variety of extruded formats and portion sizes, as balls for ready meals, as logs for filling rolled meat cuts, as slices for sandwiches and plated meals, or as unformed stuffing for roast poultry. Flavour variations include traditionals like sage & onion, pork & chestnut or sausage meat, in addition to such contemporary interpretations as rustic apricot, cranberry & sage or sour apple & mustard.

Glendale prepares and cooks these meal components at its approved food processing plant in Salford, ensuring the safety of HACCP-approved manufacturing, quality proven in consumer and foodservice markets over many years, and the convenience of meal components made with fresh ingredients in controlled portion sizes. As a means of adding flavour and variety to seasonal menus, Glendale's products offer affordable, practical additions to any mise en place.

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