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British Sausage Wee 2010
British Sausage Week 1-7 November

The British banger comes under the spotlight during British Sausage Week, from 1-7 November.

At 1 Lombard Street we'll be serving the very best from 1-5 November - including sausage tapas at the bar and premium sausages sourced from Huntsman Farm in Hertfordshire. Already a firm favourite with regulars in our Brasserie, the meaty Middle White pork sausages are perfectly paired with creamy mashed potatoes, succulent onions and lashings of rich gravy. Classic and comforting - just like our stunning Grade II-listed interior -it's the ideal dish to enjoy as the winter evenings draw in.


* The nickname 'banger' was coined during the Second World War as the high water content in sausages caused them to explode in the pan.

* From June 2009-June 2010 we consumed 186,210 tonnes of sausages, worth £653.3 million.

* Each day, 5 million Brits will eat a banger.

* The majority of pork sausages are eaten in the evening (46%), compared to 16% for breakfast, 18% at lunch and 2% as a snack.

* Despite an ever-growing selection of fancy combinations, pork sausages are still the most popular variety, accounting for 88% of total sales.

* Celebrity sausage fans include Prince Charles, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine and Roger Moore. John Terry, Kate Winslett and Katie Price all served sausages at their weddings.

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