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Basque Wines Tasting Event
'Seek the Sensational' Wednesday 7th July 2010, Lord's Cricket Ground, London

Industry professionals from the on-trade, off-trade and hospitality sectors will descend on Lord's Cricket Ground next month for a unique tasting event showcasing some of the finest wines the Basque Country has to offer.

Being held on Wednesday 7th July between 9.30am-6pm, the 'Seek the Sensational' event will feature a wide array of wines from the little known Rioja Alavesa and Txakoli regions; giving attendees the unrivalled opportunity to meet in person the dedicated individuals behind more than 35 of the region's cellars.

The Basque Country has two distinct wine producing regions: Rioja Alavesa located in the South and Txakoli on the northern sea-facing hillsides of Getaria and Bakio.

The Rioja Alavesa region, with its Atlantic-Mediterranean microclimate, guarantees plentiful sunshine, sufficient rainfall and protection from harsh weather conditions. This winning combination enables the region's 200+ vineyards to make some of the finest quality Old World wines, possessing unique characteristics that set them apart from the wider known Riojas produced in the neighbouring but very differing areas of Rioja Alta and Rioja Baja.

Txakoli wines are unique to the mountainous north of the Basque Country, with the vines cultivated on land that is sheltered from strong coastal winds and exposed to high levels of sunlight. Txakoli wine has seen a magnificent revival in recent years, and producers have sought to protect the regions heritage and winemaking methods whilst promoting its superior quality wines to both the Spanish and overseas' markets.

Ultimately though, it is the fascinating people and their stories behind the Basque Country cellars that really make Rioja Alavesa and Txakoli wines so special. Visitors to 'Seek the Sensational' will be able to meet some of the individuals who passionately combine the traditions of their ancestors with modern techniques to create wines that truly inspire and excite the palate.

A taster to whet the appetite...

Altos de Rioja Viticultores y Bodegueros is an exciting boutique winery established in 2006 by a group of experienced professionals. Vintners Roberto San Ildefonso, Bienvenido Munoz and Jean-Marc Sauboua each have impeccable wine producing credentials which they are collectively using to create a range of Rioja Alavesa wines with contemporary consumer tastes in mind.

With 150 years combined experience in grape growing and winemaking, the three Errasti brothers decided to establish their own winery, Bodegas Gailur, in 1985. Vicente, Jose Mari and Jose, have extended their facilities and incorporated the latest technologies into their traditional Txakoli winemaking processes in order to consistently guarantee the high quality their customers have come to expect and cherish.

Fourteen families in the Laguardia area came together to establish Araco Winery, combining their vine growing and wine production expertise to make the traditional Rioja Alavesa-style young wines. The families produce all of the grapes used in Araco wines, so can proudly guarantee the specific origin of their ingredients and improve the quality of their output year on year.

For Roberto Miguel Blanco of Artuke Winery, wine has always been central to his life after deciding at a young age to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and devote all his time and energy into growing vines and producing wines. His winery has a remarkably traditional approach, with all grapes being grown on the the family Rioja Alavesa vines and his two young sons preparing to join the family company.

Heredad Ugarte is a family-run business with an impressive history dating back to 1870 when Modesto Ugarte started to grow his own vines. In 1989 his grandson, Vitorio Eguren Ugarte, built a new winery in Laguardia at the foot of his grandfather's vineyard. The company is now operated by the fourth generation of the Ugarte family and they continue to apply proven traditional methods to their winemaking process.

The family behind Okendo winery has a small 7-hectare estate vineyard near the Okendo hills close to the Atlantic Ocean that provides the perfect microclimate in which to grow unique grape varieties. They combine traditional Txakoli with local grapes to produce a wine with a very unique taste and personality.

For more information about 'Seek the Sensational' visit and register for a complimentary place at this exclusive event. All delegates that pre-register will be entered into a prize draw to win a VIP trip to the Basque Country, including a tour of the Rioja Alavesa and Txakoli winemaking regions.

• Please note this event is for trade professionals only.

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