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Top Quality Produce for Good Food Show from Slow Food UK
New to this year’s BBC Good Food Show Birmingham are the Slow Food Pavilion and Slow Food Taste Workshops which will bring some of the country’s very finest produce to the show. A partnership between the BBC Good Food Show and Slow Food UK will see a selection of small but very high quality producers appearing at the show for the first time, giving them a fantastic opportunity to showcase their superb tasting products to a large and varied food-loving audience. All producers meet Slow Food UK’s strict good, clean and fair criteria which means you know the product will taste great!

In addition to seeing these producers on their stands in the Slow Food Pavilion, visitors will also be able to learn about and taste their products in a more informative but relaxed environment at special pre-bookable Slow Food Taste Workshops. Taking place each day throughout the show, the Slow Food Taste Workshops are part of Slow Food UK’s Taste Education Programme which aims to help people understand why food produced locally, without additives and preservatives and with respect to nature and the environment tastes so much better than much of the mass produced food we often find in our supermarkets.

Slow Food Taste Workshops – choose from:

Slow Bread & Butter – highlighting how one of our most important staples can be transformed by allowing it just a little bit of time! Taste examples of bread made with traditional long fermentation methods accompanied by real butter made the old fashioned way and traditional cold cuts.

Real Veal – This workshop will introduce you to different cuts of welfare-friendly British Veal from Bocaddon Farm Veal in South East Cornwall and explore the broader ethics of our food choices and the vital role that veal calves play in our dairy system.

Cool Sensations – Ice cream and gelato are not just for the warm days of summer. Squisito’s of Warwickshire have developed a range of flavours specifically for the winter months - some with a festive twist. A chance to learn about the subtleties of good ice cream making – and a great excuse to eat it every day!

Nose to tail eating – Our food choices directly affect the livelihoods of farmers and producers. Learn how Ben & Charlotte Hollins of Fordhall Farm saved their organic family farm through innovative partnerships with their community and customers. We’ll focus on how the customer, the producer and the chef can get the most from the whole animal using different cuts and some of the tastiest parts that most people leave behind!

Smoke-filled rooms – The Organic Smokehouse is pioneering in both product development and environmental sustainability. While we taste from the Organic Smokehouse’s range of organic products, explore the intricacies of smoking and the distinctive place which this process has within our food culture.

Slow Food chef Mark Lloyd will be working throughout the show to prepare exciting tasting dishes for a number of the workshops and giving a chef’s perspective on sourcing and using local, artisan products in the kitchen

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