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New Cookbook From Daniel Galmiche - Newsroom - 07-28-2011

Daniel Galmiche has been called 'gastronomy's best kept secret' and is a regular guest on BBC1's Saturday Kitchen - The French Brasserie Cookbook is his first book.

'Practical, unfussy and easy to use ... full of inspiring recipes that will immediately transport you to a French brasserie in your own home'
Heston Blumenthal

'If you want to know how to cook great food, then classic French cooking is where you should start, and brasserie food is where you will find French food at its most honest and its best. Daniel is a master of this - and here he shows you how to achieve great results without all the hassle of fancy ingredients.'
James Martin


What it is that we love so much about food in a French brasserie? Is it the delicious, time-honored dishes cooked to perfection? Or the fresh, local ingredients and regional recipes? Or is it that most of these recipes started life in the home? Perhaps this is why they have such a special place in our hearts.

In The French Brasserie Cookbook, Daniel Galmiche, Executive Chef at The Vineyard at Stockcross, brings us a superb collection of 100 classic brasserie recipes with a modern Mediterranean twist. A committed champion of French food and cookery who trained under Michel Roux, and someone who is passionate about making home cooking approachable, Daniel gives us irresistible recipes for starters, mains, side dishes and desserts - all based on the classic principles that characterise brasserie cooking: regional recipes, local ingredients and homely, comforting flavours.

Try his aromatic Roast Leg of Lamb with Garlic & Lavender, for example, the delicious Grilled Fillet of Sea Bass with Caramelised Lemon & Basil Oil or the wonderful Wild Mushroom & Herb Risotto, followed by a mouth-watering Raspberry Clafoutis, Tarte Tatin with Rosemary & Toasted Almonds or Orange Soufflé Pancakes. Vibrant with the mesmerisingly diverse tastes and aromas of France, this brilliant book shows you how to create fresh, contemporary French flavours in your own kitchen.