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Full Version: Lincolnshire's Curly Coated Pigs
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Meet and Eat!

Have you ever seen a curly coated pig?! Come along to the Rectory Reserve's open farm day on Sunday 13th March and you will have the chance to meet these beautiful, unusual animals for yourself.

To celebrate the launch of their delicious range of deli charcuterie (The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing prepared meats) using the Curly Coated Mangalitza breed; Rectory Reserve opens its doors at Fulletby near Horncastle for farm tours, talks and tempting tastings. Come along to meet these intriguing creatures with their dense coats and friendly dispositions!

From the original pair of 'Mangalitza' brought to the farm in 2007, the herd of this outdoor reared, rare breed animal is believed to be the largest in the UK and now numbers over 50.

Quick to appreciate its distinctive nutty flavour; Rectory Reserve started producing traditional English pork products such as pies and sausages in 2009. As its success grew; the range was augmented with well loved Lincolnshire specialities, such as Chine, Haslet and 'Cheps'. Now the new Charcuterie products are based on methods used in Continental Europe and include: 2 year old Air Dried 'Holy Day' ham, Artisan Liver Pate, 'Warst' Terrine redolent of citrus and spices, Pancetta, Salami and Chorizo. These innovative products are all hand made in Lincolnshire.

Rectory Reserve the home of the Lincolnshire Curly Coated Pig is delighted to welcome visitors to Open Farm day on Sunday March 13th at Fulletby from 11am to 4pm.