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Dessert Bars Hit the Sweet Spot in Adelaide

Dessert Bars

The trend towards heading out for a few glasses of wine or a couple of cocktails and something sweet has really taken off and shows no sign of abating.

Here are a few of our favourites, in no particular order, to whet your appetite and tickle your tastebuds:

  •     The Editor, Waymouth Street
  •     Butterfingers, Melbourne Street
  •     Devour, Prospect Road
  •     San Churro, Gouger Street
  •     Astonish, King William Street
  •     Eggless, Goodwood Road
  •    The Aviary Dessert Kitchen, The Parade
  •    Steven ter Horst, Rundle Street
  •    The Chocolate Bean, Union Street
  •    Onyx Lounge, O’Connell Street

The Editor, Waymouth Street: Offering fine wine, cocktails, cakes, pastries and music in the heart of Adelaide’s city centre, one of the newest dessert bars on the scene, The Editor has all the ingredients for a great night out. Some of the most popular choices include a frozen margarita teamed with a praline platter, or a cool glass of Chablis with macaroons.

Butterfingers, Melbourne Street is the latest dessert bar to open and with its website under construction at the time of writing this review, we will have to provide more information in a later edition.

Devour, Prospect Road: Devour is one of Adelaide’s first dessert bars, and it remains consistently popular. It’s a great place for a catch-up with friends, especially over one of their three or five-course dessert medleys. Top tip: Devour can get busy, so make sure you book a table.

San Churro, Gouger Street: This chocolateria’s signature dish is churros, long thin Spanish doughnuts, crispy and golden and dusted in sugar. They’re traditionally served with a cup of thick rich hot chocolate to dip them into. A daily ritual in Spain for decades, they’re eaten first thing in the morning, as an afternoon snack or as a late night treat on the way home from a night out!

Astonish, King William Street: This is a perfect Parisian patisserie nestled in the heart of Adelaide. With books and comfy sofas this is a wonderful place to chill out, chat with friends and sample wonderful desserts. Choices include freshly made macaroons, green tea crepes, candied orange and mango cointreau mousse.

Eggless, Goodwood Road: All the desserts at Eggless are, unsurprisingly, egg-free. They also specialise in vegan and lacto-vegetarian delicacies. Their unusual takes on desserts change monthly and include choices such as “TiraStoutMisu” a twist on the usual tiramasu recipe as it’s made with Copper’s Stout-soaked sponge, coffee mascarpone cream and cocoa dust.

The Aviary Dessert Kitchen, The Parade: Open for three years, The Aviary has a wide-ranging menu including ice-cream sundaes, Eton mess, homemade cakes as well as its signature dessert the “Macaron Flower Pot” – your choice of macaron set in a pot of rich Belgian chocolate mud cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate soil and pistachios.

Steven ter Horst, Rundle Street: One of the newest dessert bas in Adelaide is Steven ter Horst a specialist chocolatier. Open late seven days a week, Steven hosts Chocolate Masterclasses, introducing guests to the delights of artisan crafted chocolate, demonstrating ganaches, truffles and tempering chocolate. All the chocolates and pastries are made in the Rundle Street kitchen with only the finest ingredients.

The Chocolate Bean, Union Street: The clue is in the name… The Chocolate Bean is a chocoholic’s heaven. Each chocolate is hand-made using traditional methods, offered alongside a bounty of vegan-friendly desserts. As well as delicious coffee they also serve chocolate-inspired cocktails such as the Turkish Delight Martini and their signature drink Liquid Snickers.

Onyx Lounge, O’Connell Street: A large and colourful dessert bar where drinks and dessert are picked from iPad menus. A selection of sweet and savoury treats are there to be shared with friends, accompanied by perfectly matched wines or cocktails.

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