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Celebrate The Taste of Greece

Xanthi - Celebrate the Taste of Greece

Xanthi – Celebrate the Taste of Greece

With the blessing of the Government of the Hellenic Republic, Xanthi has undertaken a mission to promote the prosperity of greek culture through food during this time of uncertainty in Greece. It’s goal is to bust the doom and gloom and promote all that is wonderful and loving of the spirit of food and wine that is embedded in greek culture.

Recently David Tsirekas , Executive Chef and Director of one hatted restaurant Xanthi Bar and Restaurant recieved an inaugural commendation from the Greek government for the promotion of greek culture through food.

With further discussions and the blessing from the Greek Ambassador and the Consulate we are on a journey to promote all aspects of greek food through its cultural, spiritual and historical diversity.

The festival will evolve over the period of time and will incorporate the greater community and their participation in hosting an event which has a significance which can incorporate food as a vessel to promote its story which relates to Greece.

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