Chicken Liver peri peri

Chicken Liver Peri Peri

Chicken Liver Peri Peri

Chicken Liver peri peri:

A simple recipe for Peri-peri is below. It beats the hell out of the crap you buy in supermarkets or shops and has a long, lingering finish to the flavours of what peri peri should taste like.This is something that I typically served in the restaurants down south in Cape Town and the Peri-peri is great for flavouring other foods. The strength of the dishes vary greatly, however it is down to the volume of ‘hot stuff’ you put in the dishes. Some people like to use Peri-peri instead of tomato sauce/ ketchup. I’m not that brave and though I can handle mild chilli, this is just over the level. So it brings on a decent endorphin rush and a sweaty forehead!



400g       Chopped  white onion

100g       Chopped chilli (Scotch Bonnet or 7-10 scale)

50g         Chopped garlic

25g         Parsley fresh

10g         White pepper cracked

500g       Passata

100ml    R W Vinegar

500ml    Red wine

100g       Brown sugar/ Demerara

10g         Maldon salt

40ml      Worcestershire sauce

50g         Smoked paprika

30ml      Fresh lemon juice

2L            Olive oil E.V.

1.2L            Sunflower oil



Layered cooking process. Sweat onions in 500ml of olive oil. Add garlic and Chilli. Add dry ingredients. Add tomato. Cook thoroughly. Add rest of wet ingredients, reserving oil. Cook for 30min on medium heat.

Add oil and cook for further 10min.

Hot blend in Thermomix for 4min on full. Decant into jars/ containers. Chill rapidly and store in cool dry place or fridge.

Method for the Chicken liver

Once the chicken livers have been cleaned and chopped/ sliced, drain them in a sieve. Keep the blood for thickening later on.

Dust in seasoned flour and then fry them in clarified butter at a relatively high heat – pref without burning the flour LOL – and season with Maldon; cracked white pepper; smoked paprika to taste. Add your Peri-peri sauce to this and give it a good toss – coating as much as possible. Cook for a minute and then flambé with cognac.

Add some chicken stock or chicken fume and reduce. Add the drained blood (optional). Add a few bay leaves and some freshly squeezed lemon juice (to taste). Add some double cream and reduce till required consistency. Correct the seasoning.

Serve with warm crusty bread.

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